Saturday, May 21, 2016

Engagement Day

May 7, 2016

9:30am I was just waking up when he called. I remember thinking “why is he calling me this early?” We had plans that day to go to visit his family and do some shopping on the way. But he told me that I needed to wear something dressy-casual and comfortable shoes for walking. I said “OK,” hung up the phone and proceeded to freak out!

At 11am Mike picked me up and we drove into downtown Philadelphia. I thought to myself, “hmm yeah I don’t think we’re going to New Jersey”. I had a TON of questions of course, but I kept my mouth shut and decided to enjoy the adventure. And what an adventure it was! He had the whole day planned!
This picture was from outside of the Independence Hall visitor’s center… we decided it was a very appropriate sign to take a picture with! Mike then posted it on facebook for everyone to see…. There were several facebook posts throughout the day so to a degree everyone else was in suspense too!

Our first stop was to pick up tickets for Independence Hall (I hadn’t gotten to go there yet and he and I both love history), then after we got some lunch at a café nearby we had a nice little tour of Independence Hall and took lots of pictures.

The next surprise was that he took me on a carriage ride around the old part of the city. This was something I’d always wanted to do and it was fun and rather romantic.

Next we spent some time going through the Constitutional museum, followed by a walk through the "Love Park". 

Later we had dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant. After we were done eating he slipped away to the restroom for a bit and was gone for awhile which of course only peaked my curiosity even more! He came back, looked at me and laughed saying something like “you’re so cute, you have no idea what’s going on do you?” And of course I didn’t, but I just laughed. He told me we had to wait a bit because it wasn’t time to go, so we just sat there and talked for awhile longer. Such suspense!!!! 

After a little stop at his car to get something (which was a large-sized bag – more curiosity!) he took me up to the top of the Liberty Place – a skyscraper with an observation area and beautiful views of the city.

Little did I know we had stalkers taking our picture.... a friend of Mike's got there ahead of us and captured the moment!
After a little while he had me sit down and out of the bag brought a scrapbook that he’d put together for me! He’s never done something like this before, but he did an amazing job! It was about our story, how we met and our first few months of dating. He had saved little things from our dates and left places for me to fill in with some of my own pictures and my side of the story. It was SO incredibly special and I loved it!

At the end of the book he had the ring box which he took out, said something like “well Amelia, being boyfriend and girlfriend has been great, but it’s time for a change.” He made me stand up, got down on one knee and asked his sweetheart and best friend to marry him!

Of course I said YES! (duh!)

It was an absolutely amazing day! He completely overwhelmed me by his thoughtfulness and creativity and made it a super special and memorable day! Here's a couple of shots from our engagement photo shoot!


  1. Aw. This is adorable! Congratulation!

  2. I loved reading your story, both the one where you and then this engagement story. Made me cry. Marty and I are so happy for you. We got engaged in downtown Philadelphia over 32 years ago. Praying that the Lord will bless you with many happy years. Betsy and Marty

    1. Aw thank you!!! It's been an amazing time and I'm so thankful for what God has done!

  3. Sweetness, God Bless *insertmultiplehearts

  4. Amelia, this is Holly Simons in New Hampshire. How I've treasured reading the incredible ways that God worked to honor two servants who desire to glorify Him. Your wedding is only days away, and we are praying, rejoicing, and celebrating with you and all your loved ones! Having just seen your Mom and Dad and Jonathan for a breakfast and some fellowship last week, we could feel the deep joy and gratitude they also have for God's unfolding plan for your life. Many BLESSINGS, dear one!! Much love, Holly, for Ralph, too xo

    1. Thank you Holly! God's been so faithful!


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