Saturday, March 19, 2016

Seminary Update: March 19, 2016

 Happy Spring!!!!! Here I am with two of my friends/classmates - enjoying the gorgeous spring weather we had last week!
I am now officially on Spring Break! It has been a busy 6 weeks since the start of the semester and after break there’s 6 more weeks to go before finals! It’s busy, but I’m keeping up just fine (and just a bit ahead)! Classes are going well; I think my favorite class is Counseling Observations (in which we are observing video sessions with a married couple and it is super fascinating and helpful). I’ve been reading mostly articles and things like that for school so I don’t really have any new books to share at this point. I did have to re-read Shame & Running Scared (both by Ed Wetch) for one class – those are both great books! 

There's been some exciting things that have happened. I got my first roses on Valentines Day and Mike took me to a concert by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra (!). Over the last month we also got to meet each others families which was fun. On a not-so-fun note, I got my car windshield smashed in (probably by some punk kids) - this happened last Friday night so I couldn't drive it for a few days till it got repaired. Thankfully Mike let me borrow his car for part of the weekend and then I easily got rides to school (good thing I live 5 minutes away).

Tomorrow (Sunday) Mike and I head north to spend the first few days with my family, and then we’ll be in NJ with his for the rest of the week. It will be a full week, but should be fun! Below is a picture we took when we made homemade ice cream (bubblegum and mint chocolate chip). We have now been dating for exactly 10 weeks and had date #30 last night – and no we didn’t plan that! :-) 

Thanks for your prayers – there’s still a lot to decide as far as post-graduation and the ministry position I’m applying for.

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