Monday, February 8, 2016

Seminary Update: February 8, 2016

Today officially begins my last semester in seminary. Yikes! I’m taking 17 credits this semester, one credit less than last semester but still quite busy. I’m working about 3.5 hours during the week as well, which gives me something else to do and (a little) money coming in. I am SO thankful to be here and have made some great friends! Picture below is 3 classmates and I ice skating last Saturday.

Here are my Classes for this semester:
Counseling Observations: In this class we get to watch 12 consecutive sessions between a counselor and counselee. I also took this class in January (but different people) and learned a lot.
Biblical Theology II: This is basically a New Testament Theology class.
New Testament for Ministry: This is a real practical class which more specifically looks at how we use the New Testament in ministry and counseling.
Case Study Seminar: This class takes a in-depth look at the counseling process and how change happens.
Counseling Children & Adolescences: Pretty self-explanatory.
Counseling Problems & Procedures: This one is rather self-explanatory as well. We’ll be looking at some more complex issues and how we help people who struggle with them. This one will be pretty intense, but should be very interesting!
I’m also doing an independent study where I’m writing a research paper on Issues in Post-Adoption Counseling. It’s an area I have interest in so it should be quite educational. 

So full load ahead, but I'm excited to be back in classes and looking forward to learning a lot! It will be challenging for sure though - counseling can be messy.

Prayer Requests:
1) That I will learn a lot from my classes, focus, persevere and manage my time well!
2) As of this past month I am in a relationship with a young man that I met at my church here in Philly. Things are going really well (!), but needless to say Mike and I would appreciate your prayers! And while quite exciting, it can be a bit distracting! :-D  (Picture below is of us in front of Independence Hall.)
3) Post-graduation plans. I am praying about a ministry opportunity for after graduation (here in Philly because obviously I'd like to stay!), but I’d appreciate your prayers in that regard that the Lord would make clear the way before me. 

Thank you! 

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