Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reading List! (April 30, 2015)

Finished this month:
Lord, I Just Want to Be Happy by Leslie Vernick
This was a great book with some good encouragement and advice for those struggling with depression or who are just not feeling too happy about life (I can so relate!). Life can be really hard, there are disappointments; things disrupt our plans and dreams. So many things can discourage us, failure, unfulfilled expectations, health problems, etc. Especially for those who are more naturally pessimistic it can be hard to see the good in suffering. But often we are just looking at life all wrong and not viewing circumstances, people, ourselves and God in their proper place. What it comes down to most of the time is that we “need to trust that God is good and he knows best” (p. 111).
Note: There were a few spots in this book where theologically I disagreed just a tiny bit, but in general it was a fine book and you will be encouraged through it. 

“Disappointment can lead us out of illusion and into truth and reality. Sorrow teaches us to let go of our attachments to false or lesser things and to seek after God.” (p. 35)
“Sometimes we don’t know why, but we can still choose to thank God for who he is, even if we don’t understand him.” (p. 223)

Secure in the Everlasting Arms by Elisabeth Elliot
I love Elisabeth Elliot! Through all she suffered and went through she has such confidence and faith in the Lord that just inspires me. No matter what happens we are secure in God’s loving, sovereign arms.

“It is tempting to imagine that, given a different lot in life, circumstances other than those in which we find ourselves, we would make much greater strides in holiness. The truth is that the place where we are is God’s schoolroom, not somewhere else. Here we may be conformed to the likeness of Christ.” (p. 131, emphasis hers)
“…one’s commitment to God – a total self-abandonment – is perquisite to hearing. When we wonder how God will do a thing this may spring from spiritual lust: I must have an explanation! We demand an answer when we ought to pray for a deeper confidence in Him who is the answer.” (p. 101)

Men Who Met God by A.W. Tozer
It’s by Tozer, what other explanation for this book do you need? Seriously though, great short book on some men in the Bible who had personal encounters with God and it totally changed them. We today need personal encounters with God. Likely it won’t be a physical appearance or anything but nevertheless we need to have a spiritual encounter with the living God in order to be changed, to truly know Him and follow Him. 

“Being lonely in this world will only drive you to a closer communion with God who has promised never to leave you or forsake you. He is altogether good and He is faithful.” (p. 34-35)
“God the Creator made us for Himself. Our hearts and beings will never be satisfied until we find out satisfaction in God Himself. Long before Elijah stood in Ahab’s presence, Elijah met God. That was what made is salutation to Ahab so significant: ‘I stand before God. God is here with me, I stand really in His presence, not yours’.” (p.95)
“I confess that [in the church] I found much theology but little saintliness! I confess also, at this latter date, that I do not care what denomination or group my brothers and sisters in Christ come from if the saintliness of God by the presence of the His Holy Spirit is upon them.” (p. 76)

Currently Reading:
I’m reading through Streams In The Desert by L.B. Cowman, it’s actually a daily devotional, but I’m reading through it.
Psychology & Christianity: Five Views edited by Eric L. Johnson
Spurgeon’s Sorrows by Zack Eswine

Additional books I want to read this next month:
The Set Apart Woman by Leslie Ludy
And 1 or 2 more, just not sure which ones yet. Thanks for reading! Let me know what your reading!!!!

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