Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spurgeon Quotes

Here’s some of my favorite quotes by Charles Spurgeon:  :-D

“There is a general kind of praying which fails for lack of precision. It is as if a regiment of soldiers should all fire off their guns anywhere. Possibly somebody would be killed, but the majority of the enemy would be missed."

"You are not mature if you have a high esteem of yourself. He who boasts in himself is but a babe in Christ, if indeed he be in Christ at all. Young Christians may think much of themselves. Growing Christians think themselves nothing. Mature Christians know that they are less than nothing. The more holy we are, the more we mourn our infirmities, and the humbler is our estimation of ourselves."

“The saint may expect to discover deeper experience and to know more of the higher spiritual life by being much in prayer. There are common frames in the Christian life, there are feelings of repentance, there’s the faith, the joy, and hope that are enjoyed by the entire family of God. But there is an upper realm of rapture of communion, of conscious union with Christ that is far from being the common dwelling place of believers. All believers seek Christ, but not all believers put their fingers into the prints of the nails or thrust their hands into His side…. In the Ark of salvation we find a lower a second and a third story, all are in the ark but not all are in the same story. Most Christians are only up to their ankles in the river of experience; some have waded till the stream is up to their knees, a few find the water up to their shoulders, but a very few find it a river to swim in, the bottom of which they cannot touch. There are heights in experiential knowledge of the things of God the eagle’s eye of acumen and philosophic thought have never seen. God alone can bring us there but the chariot in which He takes us up and the firry steeds with which the chariot is dragged is prevailing prayer.” 

“There is no soul living who holds more firmly to the doctrines of grace than I do, and if any man asks me whether I am ashamed to be called a Calvinist, I answer – I wish to be called nothing but a Christian; but if you ask me, do I hold the doctrinal views which were held by John Calvin, I reply, I do in the main hold them, and rejoice to avow it.”
(from A Defense of Calvinism)

“The doctrines of original sin, election, effectual calling, final perseverance, and all those great truths which are called Calvinism – though Calvin was not the author of them, but simply an able writer and preacher upon the subject – are, I believe, the essential doctrines of the Gospel that is in Jesus Christ. Now, I do not ask you whether you believe all this – it is possible you may not; but I believe you will before you enter heaven. I am persuaded that as God may have washed your hearts, he will wash your brains before you enter heaven.”

"Free will I have often heart of, but I have never seen it. I have always met with will, and plenty of it, but it has either been led captive by sin or held in the blessed bonds of grace."

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